To answer this question I had to go back to the first Spark space or Spark room I was added to by Louis Pratt from Cisco a.k.a Louis from Accounting.

The first message was on November 11, 2014. Almost four years ago.
A lot has changed since then, even the name. It was known as Project Squared in 2014. Even though a lot features have made there way to production and the name changed to Cisco Spark, still too many people don't know what Cisco Spark is and how it differs from Webex.

To eliminate the confusion it might be as simple as removing the name Cisco Spark and combining the current Spark features with Webex.

Everyone knows Webex, it's like Q-tip. Very few ask for a cotton swab just like very few schedule a web collaboration meeting.

We schedule a Webex.

With over 14 million Webex users leveraging Webex conferencing, it's a no brainer to leverage the Webex brand recognition and enhance it. By adding cloud calling formerly Cisco Spark Call and their persistent messaging application, Cisco Spark Messaging to the Webex umbrella Cisco now has created one platform for Cloud Collaboration under the Webex name.

Introducing Webex Calling, Webex Teams, and Webex Meetings

Besides the name change a lot of technical additions and enhancements have also been added to the Cisco Collaboration portfolio of products. To learn more about them click here!