In October of 2021 we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first email sent. Unbelievable when you think about all of the new technology created on a daily basis. And still for most of us the first application launched every morning is email.

Today with the need for instant feedback from text and instant messaging (IM). Add to that the requirement for voice and high definition video on almost any device. Coupled with the rise of automation with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

I am finding myself not checking email as often, but I still find my email client running idle all day, every day.

I tend to communicate more with real time, team based applications like Cisco Webex Teams.

New collaboration applications like Cisco Webex Teams have matured, but will Cisco Webex Teams ever replace email?

Maybe someday......or maybe not

I just can't shutdown email and never open it again. It is one of the oldest forms of communications. It is still considered a core application for every company in the world.

But I believe there is a need to integrate Cisco Webex Teams with email.

So is there a way to create an integration or "build a bridge" between Cisco Webex Teams and email?

The answer is YES!

OK, the next question, how?

One of core features of Cisco Webex Teams is creating customized bots and integrations.

OK, what does that mean? What is a bot?

A bot is short for robot. It is a program or application that can interact with a computer or user. It's designed to simulate human behavior.

I am not a developer, but I like to learn new things. So I fired up Google and started searching for "Creating a Cisco Webex bot"

The first result brought me to

I created an account on the Cisco Webex for Developers site. I then began reading about bots, application programming interfaces (APIs), REST, and webhooks.

After a quick dive into Python programming. I created a Cisco Webex Teams Bot.......

Introducing Spammer or

OK, what is spammer and what does it do?

Spammer is a Cisco Webex Teams bot that sends emails to all the users in a Cisco Webex Teams space. When spammer is @ mentioned in a message it sends an email with the message to all the users. If someone is ignoring your questions or comments in the Webex space. A message from Spammer can give them a friendly reminder in their inbox.

How do I use it?

Create a Cisco Webex Teams space and add or add to an existing space. Spammer is another user in the space. You can see Spammer next to Cam and Bobby below as if it was another user.

Create Space

Now when you create a message and you want to send out the message as an email to everyone in the space. Simply @ mention spammer anywhere in the message.

Create Message

Once you hit enter, Spammer will message you back in the space informing you that the emails have been sent.


And now everyone in the space will receive the email with the message and a link to the Webex Teams space. As you can see the spammer @ mention is not in the email.

Spammer Email Mac

Feel free to try it out.

Notes: The max number of supported users in a space is 25. An email will not be sent to users in a space larger than 25.